How to Apply For a Small Business Grant

3 Secrets To Get The Money You Need

Thousands of small business owners, or aspiring entrepreneurs have heard about small business grants, but may have wondered or even asked the question, “How do I apply for a small business grant?”

In this article, I will reveal to you the three secrets you must know when you apply for a grant.

Before I tell you about that however, allow me to address one major concern carried by many business people looking for information about grants. That is, “are grants legitimate, or some big scam perpetrated by some savvy marketing types?

In short, both. There are indeed thousands of grants available to small business owners for starting a business or taking the business you have to the next level.

But, there are also marketers pitching programs that will be very little use to you in getting a grant. This is not to say that all “grant helper” companies are scams. They are not. Some of them are simply better equipped to actually help you get a grant than others.

Finding a reputable company to help you get a grant may actually be a very shrewd step, as such a company already knows what needs to be done, what forms need to be completed, etc. For a few dollars, this may prove to not only be a huge timesaver for you, but may actually mean the difference in getting a grant, or not getting the money you want.

Now, here are the three secrets you must know when you want to apply for a small business grant.

1. Many federal grants are administered at the state level. The Small Business Administration for example, does not give grants directly to small business owners (although they do give loans). They do give grants however, to larger organizations, many of them at the state level, who in turn give local grants (or in some cases, very low interest loans).

It is important to think beyond the federal level when looking for a grant.

2. Have your ducks in a row. This doesn’t mean you need a 500 page business plan, but you should have a basic business plan, wherein you can demonstrate aptitude and an idea that will sell the agency. A good grant development company will help you develop what you need.

3. Apply. That’s a secret?! Well, yes it is. The reason why most grant seekers never find a grant is because they don’t apply.

Government Small Business Grants

The government agencies offer various range of government grants. The government grants completely differ from the loans as the repayment is not required for the government grants and in the case of the loan, the amount has to be repaid with particular interest and time. Due to this reason, quite a large number of people would prefer to avail the government grants. But the grants are mainly given to the organizations that are with the non-profit motive and will also be beneficial to the public.

The terms and conditions are plenty for obtaining the grant. The qualification is depending on the intention and the requirement of the applicant and thus there is no guarantee that the grant will be approved even when the non profit organization applies for the grant.

Thus to avoid the stiff need of the grant programme, it is a must to engage the grant writers who are professional in this field. To quote an example, the local government can hire the writers who are proficient in grant writing for writing their proposals and also various related documents for getting the subsidies from the federal or the state government. Mostly these sectors look for grant for funding their public projects locally. The applications for the grant written and submitted in the correct manner will have a bright chance of getting the grant approved. It is also very unfortunate to quote as these grant writers are professionals and also possesses more knowledge about the grants, they take advantage of some of the provisions that will permit them to obtain various grants for the same project or for the same purpose.

Each year lot of grants is being given to various sectors in the society mainly for the public welfare. The government grants are also given for various reasons like cultivation, real estate, health, arts etc. that will affect the greater part of the population directly or indirectly. However, all the grants can be achieved only with the legitimate reason and the correct proposal. This is mainly because the government is not interested in wasting the money of the tax payers for nothing. Because of this reason, many applicants will find it very difficult for applying and thus getting the hold for the grant. Thus it will be quite simple for applying and get the grant approved for a loan through the small business administration.

Nowadays, various companies offer the grant writer’s service. The benefits are generally used for attracting the people for payment of the service fees and the likes with a guarantee that the application for the grant will be approved. The application for the grant cannot be made any time and there are certain time restrictions for submission of the grant proposal and the application. Applications received after the time limit will not be considered.

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Learn the application procedures, various funding sources for specific types of businesses and eligibility criteria for small business grants.

The Basics of Small Business Grants and How You Can Get One

Small business grants are a popular topic because they’re alluring. After all, a grant will give you money to start your own small business, and you will not have to pay it back. It’s sort of like getting a gift of money, or an inheritance.

There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation about small business grants though, and there are a lot of scams too. So let’s look at some of the basics…

  1. Small business grants are not usually given out by the federal government. State government groups and offices however, often do give out small business grants for specific purposes. Generally state government grants are given to help create jobs and boost the economy in the state.
  2. Small business grants are usually given for specific reasons. Not everyone can qualify for every grant available. Many grants are only available to specific minorities such as African Americans for instance, or women, or even African American Women. There are grants for Native American owned small businesses, grants for technology based businesses, and grants for innovative businesses too. And this is possibly the least understood aspect of small business grants. Many people mistakenly believe that anyone can get a grant, or multiple grants, just by applying. But you need to follow the application rules and guidelines. A small business owned solely by a man is not going to get a grant which is just available to women owned businesses.
  3. Grants are offered by a variety of organizations. Many grants are offered by private foundations for instance, while others may be offered by corporations.
  4. Small business grants take time. Most grants have a detailed, step-by-step application process that must be completed. And that application can take time to complete. A lot of time. Depending on the source of the small business grant, there may be other requirements that have to be met before they’ll even look at your application too. And once the application is accepted, it could be a year or more before the organization decides who will get the limited number of small business grants they have available.
  5. Small business grants are plentiful yet scarce. There are literally thousands of places to apply for small business grants, but each place usually has a very limited number of grants to give. It’s not uncommon for there to be only one grant available from a given organization each year, and in some cases there’s just one grant every five years or so.
  6. Small business grants may not help a start up. This is another common misconception about small business grants. Many people who are ready to start a business, think that getting a business grant is the best way to get started. The problem though, is that many small business grants will only be awarded to existing or established businesses.

Part of the grant application process will involve submitting a copy of your detailed business and marketing plans, submitting financial data to show your profits and profit margins.

And even when you do locate sources of small business grants that will accept applications from start up companies, you often need to have money available for hiring grant consultants and professional grant writers too.

So yes, getting a small business grant is quite possible, but be aware you will need to work very hard to get one, and it could take quite a bit of time too.